Make The Most Of The Autumn Growing Season With Our Top-Notch Fall Garden Tips!

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Make The Most Of The Autumn Growing Season With Our Top-Notch Fall Garden Tips. Autumn is a time of year that all gardeners look at with bittersweet ambivalence.

[WPXperVideo id=27]And to watch the season end for strawberries and sweet peas and all of the other delights of the warm months.

On the other hand, fall is the perfect time of year to finally reap the fruits (literally) of so much spring and summer labor, and to prepare in turn for the first blooms of next spring!

The crisp clear days of early autumn actually provide plenty of opportunity to green-thumbed gardeners out there.

You can get your potted plants sorted out to move inside. You can enjoy beautiful fall-blooming flowers like chrysanthemums and asters. Best of all, you can put the last of the growing season to work.

Fall might seem like the end of gardening season. But its actually the perfect time to plant your spring bulbs and any new annuals for next year so that they reap the fertilizing benefits of the winter snowfall.

Its also a great time to plant your root veggies (think carrots, rutabagas, and turnips) for maximum cozy flavor this fall and winter!

Already thinking hard about your fall gardening game plan? Check out the video below for even more tips about how to make the most of this time in your garden. And dont forget to SHARE these helpful hints with friends and family!

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