These 4 Ordinary Bugs Are Actually Destroying Your Plants And Gardens

Bugs aren’t always everyone’s favorite creatures. They’re creepy and crawly and have far too many legs to make most people comfortable, and sometimes we’d just rather not think about them.

But not all bugs are the same. And it’s not just about what they look like.

A lot of bugs are actually here to support you, and if you’re a gardener, they’re responsible for a good deal of your garden’s health.

Some, like bees and butterflies, help with pollination and ensure the next generations of flowers and vegetables.

Others, like spiders and praying mantises, keep pest populations down and make sure your plants don’t get eaten by other, less friendly insects.

And sometimes, bugs have an even bigger impact on our lives than we realize, like bees that are responsible for the very food we eat every day.

Check out the animated video below to see what bugs you should welcome, and which you should shoo away.

You don’t have to be their best friends, but if you see a spider or a beetle, don’t worry. They’re making sure your garden is healthy and lively, so say hello!

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