How to Insulate Your Garden Shed in 30 Minutes

Insulate your shed

How to insulate your garden shed using a radiant barrier. Insulating your garden shed with reflective insulation is easy to prevent frost, cold and damp air corroding tools and machinery. Or killing plants and vegetables. This works by providing a more ambient all year-round temperature. This video will show you how to insulate the average 6 by 8 foot garden shed in around 30 minutes with the Ecotec shed insulation kit.

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The insulation material supplied in the Ecotec shed kit is special, very special. Two layers of true aluminium foil separated by an air bubble membrane to prevent the cold bridging. Importantly the foil abs surfaces have been laminated to protect and strengthen the foil to ensure maximum performance for many years. There are two kits available. The complete kit and the DIY material kit. The complete kit includes everything you need to fit your Ecotec insulation. Staple gun kit including 2,000 staples, the thermos er pro tape, a pro insulation fitters knife and of course your Rico Tech insulation.

DIY kit

The DIY material kit is perfect for the keen and experienced DIY’ers. It includes the Ecotec insulation roll and the thermos seal tape. You can insulate the walls roof and floor of your shed with the Ecotec insulation kit. Most people will only insulate the walls and roof. However there is enough material to insulate the floor.

Also to insulate your walls simply staple halfway back into your bright studs. Working your way around the shed wall by wall. By doing this you have created the thermal for use between the insulation and the outer shed wall. Therefore when excessive solar heat hits before your facing the outer layer the heat is reflected away. Therefore if you wish to retain maximum heat and not reflect away excessive heat the insulation can be fixed straight against the wall of the shed. The Ecotec insulation works by reflecting the warm air within the shed back inside.

Wall insulation

It helps with shed retaining ambience all year round. Once the lower part of the wall is fixed in place you should then overlap by around 50 millimeters. When fitting the upper section at the wall if you do have windows you can insulate straight over these for added insulation or simply cook round the edge of the frame as shown here. Once you’ve cut out all your window sections you should then seal all your foil joints and overlaps with the foil tape supplied inside the kit. Once you’ve taped all the overlaps and edges you can insulate your roof.

This is easily insulated by stapling straight on to roofs Mars or rafters, again leaving a gap behind your insulation before with timber roof. The door can also be insulated using the same method. If you wish to insulate your floor. This can be done by stapling the insulation straight on to the shed floor then fitting 25 millimeter or 1 inch buttons over. Before laying the layer apply board down as your floor surface. This acts as a total moisture barrier from the cold ground below. It’s really important. Seal all joints and overlaps to maximize the Ecotec’s performance. You can either leave the insulation uncovered or if you have work benched in there you can clad with plywood as preferred.

Roof insulation

Leave the roof uncovered. This also helps to provide the shed with much improved natural light. Once you have fitted all your Ecotec shed insulation you will enjoy a much lighter warmer shed all year round. If you require an even higher level of insulation for a summer house, timber garden building or a farm building you can fit the eco-products Pro insulation kit. A multiple insulation that provides performance equivalent to 120 millimetres fiber wool insulation. Yet it’s only 15 millimeters thick. For example this high specification eco suite garden room home office has been fully insulated in roof and walls using the Eco Pro insulation kit.

Floor insultion

The floor is also insulated using the Ecotec insulation. Now you can order the complete Ecotec shed installation kit and the Eco Pro installation kit for free next day delivery in the UK and fast delivery within a few days to anywhere in Europe. Fully insulated eco suite garden rooms shown in this video is available in sizes to suit most Gardens. The windows and door locations will be changed and rearranged to suit your garden views and no planning permission is required. For more information on eco suite visit our website.

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