Color Schemes in a Perennial Garden Design

The one thing about matching colors together especially flowers like day lilies which come in every single color, shape, ruffle, and size is what you want to do is experiment with which color looks nice together. I have found that if you put colors together that are the same even if they are beautiful they compete with each other. A good example migh tbe this giant red day lily right here which is a beautiful flower and if I put it next to a really really magnificent flower you might lose it. But next to this garden lily this cherry lily it is a smaller one, it does have a lot of really piazzas color but the two of them together work very well together.

Now yellows seem to work with everything in this pale yellow right here it is actually kind of a brighter yellow right now with the rain on it, it kind of makes everything around look better. It brings out this pale pink color because the center yellow matches the coat of this one. So this yellow flower makes this pink one I think look a little bit better and if you go towards the other end of the garden with this kind of a pumpkin color which if it stands by itself it is okay. Then you put it next to this flaming tangerine color these 2 in there color contrast are just bright and they just kind of jump out at you and everybody that comes here just thinks as wow these flowers just look so great together and part of it is because this bright color.

Now right here I got a new bush last year a walking stick which does not have bright color to it in matter of fact it only has 2 color to it. But these two colors stand right out at you if you notice this maroon leaf and if you notice the green leaf together along with this pretty branch these 2 colors although they are very settle kind of catch your eye when you are walking by. Cause it a different coloring and the 2 together look really nice which is one reason that I only put rocks in the bottom and no other plants so they wouldn’t compete with each other for attention. Say you have your plain and you have your brilliant and they both work in there own little spots.

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