Propagating Hydrangea Cuttings

Propagating Hydrangea Cuttings I’ve brought here five different types of hydrangea. There are three hydrangea macrophylla. Arborescens and one panicled hydrangea. It’s time to start rooting. because hydrangea is starting to bloom. It’s the best if they stop blooming and the shoots are matured. But this year. . . the heat was so tiresome that

Climate-Friendly Gardening

What Does Climate-Friendly Gardening Mean? Climate-friendly gardening involves using natural gardening practices to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Plus, these practices encourage healthier soil by improving the absorption of carbon dioxide – which also reduces the issues with global warming. What Are Greenhouse Gases? First, let’s understand the problem with greenhouse gases. While about 66

Five Household Items That Will Help You in the Garden

Hydrogen peroxide is an easily available household disinfectant and bleaching agent. The Top 5 uses of Diluted hydrogen peroxide in garden, mainly because of its antimicrobial and oxygen releasing properties coming up. . Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid with chemical formula H2O2 similar to water, with just an extra oxygen atom, but it is

Saving the World with Gardening

I am an obsessive compulsive gardener and I am totally biased because I genuinely believe we can save the world with gardening. Literally. We need to start by saving ourselves first on an individual level, and then we scale it out to where we can bring about world peace! Saving ourselves with gardening is easy

How To Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Containers

Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Containers If you have a balcony or a sunny patio, there’s so many things that you can grow that you will love eating all summer long. So if you are a beginner gardener and you’re not really sure about this whole gardening thing, you can keep it really simple with

How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors and Outdoors

Growing Tomatoes Indoors and Outdoors Alright welcome back guys, welcome to my video on how to grow tomatoes. I am just going to take you over how I grow tomatoes here at the farm and take you through some scenarios. I’m going to give you some tips and kind of what we do to get

6 Steps To Plan A Landscape Design

Today we’re talking about home landscape design. If you’re designing your own landscape one thing that a lot of people will do is just go to the garden center and buy all the plants that look nice and then get back home and start placing them and hope that it works out okay. A much

How to Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree in a Container

In this article I’m going to share with you guys how you can grow some fruit trees in a container, for the cheapest price possible which means buying what’s known as bare-root fruit trees. So that means they basically come in, they’re bare-root. You can buy these at many nurseries. Sometimes they’re in a big

Mulch Problems

You’d better think twice before laying down your mulch. Read this and you will learn a few important facts, what to watch out for to minimize damage to your property, and what you need to know so you don’t poison your yard, pet, and yourself. Before you buy or place mulch, you need to first

How to Grow a lot of Food in a Small Garden

We’re always looking for ways to grow more food in our small garden, and over the years, we’ve adopted nine strategies for maximizing our growing space. Today I thought I’d share these strategies with you in the form of nine simple tips. The first tip is to grow in garden beds instead of rows. Growing