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6 Steps To Plan A Landscape Design

Today we’re talking about home landscape design. If you’re designing your own landscape one thing that a lot of people will do is just go to the garden center and buy all the plants that look nice and then get back home and start placing them and hope that it works out okay. A much

Putting in a Small Garden Pond

There you have it. Well’ you know, don’t you have to set your boundaries first? I do! It’s getting there. After I dig I will I will know how much of that liner I will need. I went deeper than I thought. I’m going to start right here and go straight up here and go

Color Schemes in a Perennial Garden Design

The one thing about matching colors together especially flowers like day lilies which come in every single color, shape, ruffle, and size is what you want to do is experiment with which color looks nice together. I have found that if you put colors together that are the same even if they are beautiful they

How close is Japanese knotweed getting to my home? – BBC News

How close is it to me? Five years ago, the Environment Agency commissioned a new app to track Japanese knotweed, using the crowd-sourcing principle. More than 20,000 people have now downloaded it, and their data has pin-pointed over 6,000 knotweed locations. Image caption The plant was first imported to the UK in the 19th century

Sod it: Californians turn back to grass lawns as drought shaming ebbs

The states punishing drought saw neighbors scorned and water-guzzling lawns ripped up. But turf-industry insiders say grass is making a comeback Yumi Wong adores the latest addition to her southern California home: a lush, emerald lawn. It just looks much nicer with all the green. It feels clean and peaceful, she said on Tuesday, padding

OId Tree Stumps Transform Into Gorgeous DIY Gardens

As a New Yorker with no backyard to call my own, I love a creative gardening solution! Whether were talking simple window boxes, or an elegant homemade terrarium worthy of a home magazine, theres nothing better than finding a new and interesting way to introduce a little greenery to any landscape. At the moment, the